Top 40 Godzilla 2014 Posters

Top 40 Godzilla 2014 Posters

My favorite Godzilla posters top 40.
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The Warner Brothers panel at the San Diego Comic-Con surprised the audience at Hall H with a sneak peek at WB/Legendary Pictures’ upcoming film, Godzilla, fr…
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  1. i must say this is the first time i agree with anyone useing caps only in
    an argument.. cause that was not a “clasic” roar from the number 1 movie
    monster ever!!!!!

  2. Ok that doesn’t sound like godzilla but c’mon people lets give this movie
    one chance before we say anything like they ruined godzilla

  3. That is certainly not what it sounds like. Dude put the trailer on Facebook
    and while he sounds slightly different, it is nothing like the sound that
    was played here.

  4. Godzilla was made by the japanese and should still be made by them becuase
    american actors just mess it up, im not saying that american actors are bad

  5. I WANT MY FUCKING TRAILER! Screw You Warner Bros and Legendary for your
    super ultra secret shit! Come on! Don’t be Pussys! Show us the Trailer!!!!!

  6. Idiot the actors are probably good and even if they fail that wont ruin the
    movie… You should be thankful it isn’t by Rolland emmerick

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